Posted by: movieotaku | January 20, 2008

Detecting Cylons

Something’s been bugging me since… the damned mini-series.

How come it’s so hard to detect the new Cylons?  They can interface with computer networks with their left arms, their spines glows, have superhuman strength and indurance and can somehow download terrabytes of information wirelessly just before death.  And no one can tell them from humans without really hard tests using radioactivity.

Anyone care to take a crack at this one?



  1. Shouldn’t they need to “reboot” every so often?

  2. “Shouldn’t they need to “reboot” every so often?”

    Heh. Extermination brought to you by Microsoft. 🙂

  3. Right, all we need to do is load the I Love You virus into their data systems and wait!

    As for their undtectability, all the metal you’d need to detet them should show up on an X-ray. There ARE things called metamaterials that bend radiation around them, but not on this frequency- certainly no known metamaterial works on EVERY frequency. So either they’ve come a long way or x-rays have gone obsolete.

  4. They’re metal underneath their skin, right? So, why can’t a simply metal detector beep when they wave one around one suspected of being a Cylon? Or, why can’t metal detectors be installed at various checkpoints in the corridors or in the turbo-lifts?

    And what about gravitometers?

    h t t p : //

    Heck, they actually exist for real here on Terra Firma — today! Why can’t gravitometers be installed at various checkpoints and as people pass through, a reading of the mass is obtained. Metal is denser than flesh, blood and bone and would be detected as having more mass, thus giving away the person as being a Cylon.

    What about weight, too? A robot would certainly weigh more than a human being would — again due to being made of a denser, more massive material.

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