Posted by: movieotaku | April 27, 2007

Spacecraft Breed Like Rabbits

Again, I bring up Red Dwarf because it makes fun of a lot of these boners, including the ability of Moon Base Alpha and the Voyager to stay stocked up on spacecraft. In Red Dwarf, there are about three spacecraft besides the Red Dwarf main ship. Starbug 1 and 2 and another vehicle called the Starbus. They lost one of their Starbugs, and in one episode, after the Starbugs were getting banged around a lot, one of the characters quipped that the Starbugs were made of the same material those dolls that survive fatal airplane crashes were made of.

In real life, the Eagles of Space: 1999 and the shuttles of Star Trek: Voyager would be chewed up very quickly. Space: 1999 never really discussed how many Eagles they had, or how they could keep them in repair so long. Star Trek: Voyager’s writer-exec-producer, Brannon Braga, once quipped they used the replicators to replace or repair destroyed shuttle craft. There’s one small problem: how much energy does it take to replicate a new shuttle craft? Let’s spot them the matter, we’ll just assume they pick up mass from whatever solar system they are in this week and convert it. That requires transforming several tons of matter into complex alloys and materials. What kind of power plant does Voyager have that can generate new shuttles weekly, but can’t keep the replicator going for the crew mess?


People ask me what ever happened to the original General Lee. I say, see that pop can you’re holding?

—John Schneider, Bo Luke of The Dukes of Hazzard, responding to a fan’s question


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