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Batman’s Cape Not So Good At Heights

Batman’s Cape Not So Good At Heights

This classifies more as movie physics blunders than getting the science wrong, but a good analysis all the same.

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The Physics of My Little Pony

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Kevin Grazier: Treknobabble Killer

An interview with Battlestar Galactica’s science advisor, Kevin Grazier.

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Physics lab allays Angels & Demons antimatter fear

CERN lays to rest fears about the plot device of Angels & Demons.

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Review: FRINGE

So Fox and J. J. Abrams: together again.  And what do they give us? A story about an initially skeptical FBI agent teamed up with a cooky believer investigating aliens and the paranormal.

Yes, the X-Files is back, people.

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Iron Man: I hope that suit is shock absorbant

Ah, Iron Man.  He was one of my least favorite Marvel characters.  But the movie was very enjoyable.  And I geeked out with the S.H.I.E.L.D. references.  Conservation of energy becomes moot in comic books, and since Tony Stark uses an Arc generator to power an electromagnet to keep a piece of shrapnel from entering his heart, one could give this one a break.  Although I’m pretty sure I read that they use electromagnets to remove shrapnel from delicate body parts, but I digress… (Actually even Marvel realised was a cheesy set-up that was and fixed it, but again, I digress…)

The one thing that occurred to me recently, while watching the trailer again, was he takes some heavy, heavy hit.  The kind of hits that must generate massive amounts of g-force.  Um… how does he survive them?  I can’t imagine Warmachine’s punches are low-g impacts.  Nor the concussion of rockets and artillery shells.  Yet somehow, Tony Stark doesn’t even get a concussion.

The perils of g-forces are often ignored in movies.  For example, crashing a car at high speed.  Without airbags, the impact alone can severely damage your brain without causing the skull to crack on something.  It’s something to think about the next time you see people involved in 55 mph head-on crashes in movies.

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Sunshine: A Review

Oh dear, what a particularly awful film.  I suppose this seemed like a smart SF movie to people who produce Freddie Kruger.  But I’m here to look at the science.  Spoilers ahead!

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Dark Knight: Sonar Phones?

OK, I know it’s only a comic book movie, but still: sonar cell phones?

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Hulk: Extra Mass?

I went to go see The Incredible Hulk.  I liked the Hulk since I was a kid.  I think I was a fan of the TV series then later stumbled into the comic book.  The Hulk is not realistic by any stretch of the imagination.  Complex mammals like humans die when exposed to high levels of gamma radiation, nor is it likely to achieve such an amazing transformation.

But one thing made me laugh during the movie was the Hulk’s weight.

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Wall-E: Plants in Space

Fun movie, but here’s an open question:

Would the little seedling have survived open exposure to the vacuum of space. My friend thought it would have freezed solid (as I’ve pointed out elsewhere, freezing in space takes longer). I figured the water would have flash-boiled from the plant leaving it dessicated and dead first.

Any other opinions?

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